EasyTrans Software

Keep your planning on track!

One of the developers of EasyTrans Software has worked at a leading courier company for many years. During this time, various software packages were used; no single package was optimally suited for the company’s needs. The feeling soon arose “Can it not be done better, easier and above all cheaper?

In 2009 we developed EasyTrans in cooperation with the courier company. Thanks to the close cooperation between the planners of the courier company and our developers, EasyTrans has become a very user-friendly package, which has all the features to plan clearly and efficiently.

EasyTrans Software distinguishes itself from other providers by focusing on small and medium-sized companies within the logistics services. Innovation is high on the priority list, our goal is that our software is and remains optimally usable at an affordable price. EasyTrans has now grown into a fully-fledged Transport Management System for courier services, forwarders, distribution companies and transport companies.

About EasyTrans Software