Courier Exchange

Streamline transportation services with a link between your TMS EasyTrans

Courier Exchange is a division of Transport Exchange Group Ltd. The operator behind the busiest independent freight Exchanges in the UK market. Courier Exchange offers an online platform for freight exchange, for couriers and forwarders. Through the platform Courier Exchange helps owner drivers, courier companies and freight forwarders find work, sub-contract jobs and find empty vehicles in the UK and mainland Europe. Courier Exchange puts firms, owner drivers and freight forwarders in contact with one another, allowing you to make a trustworthy network of contacts. All members are vetted giving you peace of mind. More information about Courier Exchange can be found on the website

Module Connection with Courier Exchange

With the link between EasyTrans and Courier Exchange, you can easily place a freight order on the Courier Exchange platform. Other transport companies can then respond directly to your offer. And if you use the Purchase module, you can also assign the carrier from EasyTrans as soon as an agreement with a carrier has been concluded.
With a Premium Plus package, you can also book your shipments directly on your own drivers. This means the orders are not first presented on the platform, but are allocated directly to the driver.
In addition, shipments that are signed off via Courier Exchange are automatically signed off in EasyTrans, including the sign off data and digital signature.

Key functionalities of the module Connection with Courier Exchange:

  • Place freight orders with Courier Exchange from your TMS
  • Automatically sign off orders in your TMS, including sign off details Courier Exchange
  • Directly book transport orders on your own drivers *1
  • Assign external carriers to your order from your TMS at Courier Exchange *2

* 1 Feature available when using Premium Plus Package. 2 Function available when using Purchase Module.

Manual features module Connection with Courier Exchange

Below, you will find an extensive explanation of the use of the Connection with Courier Exchange. Would you like to use the features but have no access to the module yet? Please contact us, the prices for the use of the module Connection with Courier Exchange can be found at prices.