Haulage Exchange

Haulage Exchange is a division of Transport Exchange Group Ltd. The operator behind the busiest independent freight Exchanges in the UK market. Haulage Exchange offers an online platform for owner drivers, haulage companies and forwarders.

The Live Availability Map of Haulage Exchange displays all vehicles within a given radius that match your criteria. You can choose from a variety of vehicle sizes, body types and preferred time frames for deliveries, suiting your transport needs.

Haulage Exchange service owner-operators, haulage companies including 3PL (Third-party logistics), 4PL (Fourth-party logistics), and freight forwarders looking for digital solutions to manage freight exchange and top their operational efficiencies within the business. All members are vetted giving you peace of mind. More information about Haulage Exchange can be found on the website: www.haulageexchange.co.uk

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The prices for the use of the connection can be found under prices.

We also offer a connection with Courier Exchange. More information about this connection can be found at the Courier Exchange page.