Loqate offers a range of verification and geocoding products providing a faster, easier way to verify and enrich data. The result: happier customers, increased conversions and improved data quality.

With the link between EasyTrans and Loqate, you can enter destinations more easily and quickly. You can start typing in an address or business name and Loqate will autocomplete the address details in EasyTrans. Try it out in the live demo!

In order to use the connection, you will need an account with Loqate. Registration with Loqate is free of charge, you instantly receive some test credit so that you can start using the service right away. Loqate works with prepaid pay-as-you-go plans, each address completion costs a small amount which is subtracted from your prepaid credit.
You can sign up for an account via: www.loqate.com/partners/EASYT11118. Please use only this link to register so that we are able to connect EasyTrans to your Loqate account.

Are you interested in a connection with Loqate? Please contact us, the prices for using the link can be found under prices.