Make logistical connections with your TMS EasyTrans

There are various possibilities for linking the Transport Management System EasyTrans with external software. Thanks to cooperation with a large number of partners, there are many ready-to-use connections available. However, there are far too many software applications available to be able to offer a ready-made solution for all of them.

With the module Connection External Systems (API/EDI), it is possible to create connections yourself. Such an integration requires some programming. Is this not an option for you? As an alternative, we work together with nShift:

Module Connection with nShift

nShift, formerly known as Transsmart, offers smart shipping software which streamlines the logistic connection between webshop, warehouse, carrier and customer.
More information about nShift (formerly Transsmart) can be found on the website: www.nshift.com

Manual features module Connection nShift

A connection with nShift, the external application and EasyTrans will be set up tailor-made for you. Prior to the set-up, your wishes and the options for linking the various features are discussed at length with you and nShift. Would you like to use the features but have no access to the module yet? Please contact us, the prices for the use of the module Connection with nShift can be found at prices.