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TNT delivers millions of documents, packages and freight shipments worldwide, every day, with care and attention.
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Module Connection TNT

With a link between the Transport Management System (TMS) EasyTrans and TNT, you can easily and quickly register shipments with TNT, print labels and manifests, and request Track & Trace information. This can be done from your planning environment but also from your Customer Portal. In other words, your customers can also submit transport orders to TNT themselves!

The key features of the module Connection with TNT:

  • Register shipments at TNT from within your TMS
  • Print TNT labels in your TMS
  • Print TNT manifests in your TMS
  • Track & Trace data TNT retrievable from within your TMS
  • Track & Trace link TNT in your order confirmations
  • Registration, print labels/manifests, Track & Trace available in Customer Portal*

*Feature available with a Premium or Premium Plus package from EasyTrans Software. 

Would you like to use the features but do not have access to the module yet? Then feel free to contact us. The rates for the use of the module Connection with TNT can be found at prices.