Forwarder Software

The complete, simple, and fast forwarder software for couriers, distribution, and transport companies.

EasyTrans software offers affordable and user-friendly planning software for courier services, transport companies, and forwarders. The planning and invoicing software of EasyTrans is appropriate for diverse transport companies, from small courier companies and charters to big transport and distribution companies with multiple offices.

With the forwarder software of EasyTrans, you have an overview of all orders, customers, and couriers at a glance. This allows the planner to quickly and efficiently plan, and to retain an overview, even in busy times. Besides that, EasyTrans software is pleasant in use, and offers diverse functionalities such as web-ordering and invoicing in one package against one price.

EasyTrans software for forwarders is an online software package specially designed for courier services, transport and distribution companies, and forwarders. You do not have to install or maintain anything, and you have access to your package at all times without any restrictions. There are also no restrictions in the number of users!

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