Subscription prices

EasyTrans offers software in the Cloud on a rental basis. This means that the software automatically remains up to date and that the software is professionally managed. Thus, you do not have to install anything yourself and you can always access your data at all places.

EasyTrans offers you the possibility to choose from four packages, which you can possibly supplement with extra modules. The prices per package are clearly shown in the below table. The amounts include installation and technical support, you do not pay for any start-up costs.

Small Package

For the self-employed professional

Standard Package

Complete TMS with invoicing

Premium Package

Customer portal

Premium Plus Package

Carrier portal / Driver App
£ 25

£ 35

£ 50

£ 75


Prices Extra modules

To supplement your TMS package with specific functionalities, you can choose from our extra modules. Click on the modules for more information.

 Module  Price per month
Purchase module  £ 10
Document storage (up to 2MB per destination)  £ 5
Document storage big (up to 20MB per destination)  £ 10
Connection with Loqate – Address Lookup Service  £ 5 *
Connection with accounting package  £ 10
Online payment  £ 10
Multiple company names  £ 5 **
Extra branch/office  £ 30 **
Connection with UPS, DPD or TNT  £ 15 + £ 50 set-up fee
Connection with external systems (API)  £ 10 ***
Connection with Courier Exchange  £ 5
Connection with Transsmart  £ 10
Copy backup to email  £ 10
Individual server  £ 30 ***
* A Loqate account with prepaid credit is necessary to use the service
** Per extra company name or extra branch
*** Excluding non-recurring costs for installation and set-up

Prices Custom work & Instruction

In EasyTrans, it is possible to have company-specific adjustments implemented in the TMS. An advantage for the flexible entrepreneur who desires more than a standard planning package. In consultation with you, we look at what adjustments are desirable and we think of the best solution. An estimation of the number of hours and the corresponding costs is made by the developers, after which the adjustments can be implemented in consultation with you. Feel free to ask for the possibilities, custom work does not have to be expensive!

The plan package of EasyTrans Software is easy and intuitive in use. However, a clear instruction in which you can ask questions and properly master the package can be very useful. Your planners are also more than welcome during the instruction!

EasyTrans makes use of advanced Helpdesk software in order to be able to quickly help you from a distance when you have any questions. When you start using EasyTrans, we can make you familiar with the mechanisms of the program in a short time, so that you can quickly get to work.

 Custom work & Instruction
 Custom work software adjustment  £ 50 per hour
 Instruction on location  £ 40 per hour (including driving hours)
 Remote instruction Free!
All prices exclude VAT