TMS packages for couriers, forwarders, distribution and transport companies

The Transport Management System (TMS) EasyTrans is an online logistics software package, developed specifically for courier services, forwarders, distribution– and transport companies and. You do not have to install or maintain anything yourself and with an internet connection, you have access to your TMS anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. Not even in the number of users!

EasyTrans Software offers four TMS packages, each containing the necessary functions of a Transport Management System appropriate to the size of an organisation. Creating and managing quotations and orders, transport documents, invoicing, Track & Trace, customer management and much more are part of the basic functions. The Premium Package also includes a Customer Portal and an extensive export function. And to make your automation even more complete, the Premium Plus Package also includes a Carrier Portal / Drivers App.

In addition to the very comprehensive TMS packages, EasyTrans Software offers additional modules with which specific functionalities can be added to a TMS package. It is also possible to customize the software to your company and wishes. Because of the personal contact and practical experience of our developers ( read about EasyTrans ), custom solutions can be applied quickly and according to your wishes. A smooth transition from another software package to EasyTrans is certainly possible.

EasyTrans Software offers reliable and high-quality logistics software. Your online environment is hosted on professional servers and backed up several times a day to ensure that your data is always available.

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