Additional modules

Additional Modules

To make your TMS package even more complete

With the additional modules of EasyTrans Software you can make your TMS package even more complete. This way, a specific functionality is added to the system without you paying for things you don’t need. Modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in an additional module, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices. Below you will find a brief overview of the most important features per module.

Purchase module

With the Purchase module you can keep track of your purchase costs and revenues, this module is particularly useful when you outsource orders to external carriers/charters.

With this module you can:

  • Assign a purchase rate to each sales rate
  • Set purchase rates per carrier
  • Instant insight into the yield of your orders
  • Keep track of actual miles driven in comparison with calculated miles
  • Create purchase invoices that show you the amount your carriers are allowed to declare or what you have to pay to your staff
  • Easily verify the correctness of declarations received from your carriers
  • Create self-billing purchase invoices

Document storage module

With the document storage module you can add documents to your orders. For example, you can add signed transport documents, images, customs documents or an original order for your administration.
At each destination in an order, you can add two documents. You can indicate whether the documents should only be visible for internal use or may also be shared. For example, you can share the documents with your customers by sending them a proof of delivery with the invoice. If you use a customer portal, your customer can view the documentation directly. Internal documents are obviously not enclosed with the invoice and are not visible in your customer portal.

With this module you can:

  • Safely store documents per destination
  • Complete digital storage, this means less paperwork and fast findability
  • For customers who use your customer portal, the documents are immediately visible (proof of delivery / POD)
  • Stored documents can be automatically sent with digital invoicing or the sign off confirmation to your customer
  • Up to 2MB per document with the standard document storage module or up to 20MB per document with the large document storage module

Module connection with Loqate - Address Lookup Service

Loqate offers an address verification & lookup service which makes it easier for you and your customers to input addresses into EasyTrans.

With the module connection with Loqate, you can start typing in an address or business name and Loqate will autocomplete the complete address details in EasyTrans.

You can try out the service in our Live demo.

In order to use the connection, you will need a free account with Loqate, which you can sign up for using this link: Please use only this link to register with Loqate, so that we are able to connect EasyTrans to your Loqate account.

Registration with Loqate is free of charge and will give you some test credit so that you can start using the service right away. Loqate works with prepaid pay-as-you-go plans. Each address completion costs a small amount which is subtracted from your prepaid credit. For more information about Loqate prices, click here. The monthly fee for the module connection with Loqate that you pay with EasyTrans is to connect EasyTrans to your Loqate account.

Module connection with accounting package

With the module connection with accounting package you can export invoices and customers that have been created in EasyTrans to your accounting package or the accounting package of your accountant. This saves time and prevents errors.

EasyTrans has standard interfaces with most well-known accounting packages such as:

  • AFAS
  • KashFlow
  • sage
  • Twinfield
  • Unit4
  • Visma
  • xero

If you work with an accounting package for which there is no connection yet, we can create and add the connection in most cases.
This depends on the possibilities of the accounting package. Please feel free to contact us.

Module Online Payment

With the online payment module, your customers can pay their invoices quickly and easily online. This can be done using iDeal, Creditcard, Paypal or other preferred payment methods.
As soon as an invoice is paid, you will be notified immediately and the invoice will automatically be marked as paid in EasyTrans.

Per customer you can select whether or not online payment can be used. Apart from the extra trust and service for existing customers it is also perfect for new or occasional customers. You are assured that you will receive your money, if necessary even before you execute the transport order.

More information about the online payment module

Module Multi Currency

Do you regularly do business with foreign companies? Then the Multi Currency module is probably very practical for you!
With this module you can create products where the price is automatically calculated and invoiced in the correct currency. That saves a lot of time!

The foreign currency only applies to the sales rates, if you use the purchase module then the purchase rates are always in the system currency.

Module multiple company names (separated invoicing)

If your company uses more than one company name, this module can offer a solution. With this module you are able to use separated invoicing. This means that you can use multiple invoice layouts and you can specify per customer which layout should be used.

For separate invoicing and planning we offer the module extra offices.

Module extra offices (separated planning and invoicing)

If your company has multiple offices, or if you have multiple companies yourself, you can use the extra offices module. With this module you get a central planning and a planning for the office(s). You can assign orders to the offices from the central planning, after which the orders will immediately be shown in the order overview of the concerning office. You can also assign customers and carriers to a specific office, which makes this module ideal for franchise organisations.

Invoicing can be performed centrally, or each office can do its own invoicing with its own invoice numbering. The generated turnover per office can be displayed quickly and clearly.

Module connection with external carriers

If your company offers transports through external carriers, this module is ideal. You can register your consignments from EasyTrans to the carrier. The price will be reported back and a shipping label can be created immediately. If you use a customer portal, your customer can register shipments and print shipping labels themselves.

This module also has integrated Track & Trace, so that you and your customer can easily stay informed about the status of the shipment.

EasyTrans can be connected to the following logistical service providers:

  • dpd
  • GLS*
  • TNT
  • UPS

If you are interested in a connection with an external carrier that is not listed, please contact us.

* GLS offers no options for direct connections, you can export and import your shipments using an Excel or CSV file.

Branch-specific connections

EasyTrans offers various connections with branch-specific software. For example, on-board computer, freight exchange or warehouse management systems.

EasyTrans has connections with the following branch-specific software:

  • Tom Tom WEBFLEET – Fleet management software
  • Trimble – On-board computer systems
  • Rietveld – On-board computers & Fleet management
  • Transsmart – Shipping and delivery management
  • Courier Exchange – Platform for freight exchange

Is your required connection not listed here? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Module connection with external systems (API)

EasyTrans can be connected to third-party systems in many ways. Think for example of a connection with on-board computers for the exchange of order data, or of software (such as a webshop) of your customer where a new order will be automatically booked in EasyTrans.

EasyTrans Software has developed an API for these connections, which provides information exchange in a structured and uniform manner. EasyTrans can also handle APIs and connections from third parties. The possibilities and wishes for connections are always discussed in advance so that we can offer you a perfectly fitting solution.

Module backup copy

EasyTrans Software makes a daily backup of your system. All your entered data is stored in two different locations so that your data is always safely stored.

For even greater assurance, it is possible to receive a copy of this backup by e-mail. This means that you always have a physical copy of your data in your own administration.

Module individual server

EasyTrans Software offers planning software in the form of a SaaS product (Software as a Service), this offers you a number of important benefits:

  • Software runs on servers of EasyTrans Software. Because of this, no installation and expertise is required from your side.
  • The needed maintenance and regular updates are executed by EasyTrans Software.
  • Regular backups of all entered data are automatically stored at two locations.
  • Reliable and quick access to the software from all locations where internet is available.
  • Integration into your own website is possible.

Despite these benefits, it can be desirable to run the software in-house (on your own server). Reasons for this may be:

  • You have control over the entered data, this means you are responsible for backups and security yourself.
  • Control the availability of the software yourself.
  • Direct access to the database, for example for integration with other systems.

The implementation of this module is done in consultation with your ICT-department and will be carried out by EasyTrans Software. The costs for this module include: help with initial installation, support during use and regular updates of EasyTrans.

Try the Purchase module, Document storage module and the Module connection with accounting package yourself in the live demo!

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