Additional modules

Additional modules

Specific features to make your Transport Management System (TMS) complete

EasyTrans Software allows you to put together your own subscription. There are four packages available, each containing the necessary features of a Transport Management System appropriate to the size of an organization. Furthermore, you can add specific functionalities using the additional modules, to make the Transport Management System (TMS) even more complete:

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in an additional module, do not hesitate to contact us. The rates per module can be found under prices.

Additional modules EasyTrans Software

Complement your TMS

With the additional modules of EasyTrans Software you can add a specific functionality to the TMS system EasyTrans. This way you only pay for features you actually need. Below you will find a brief overview of the most important functions per module.

With the Purchase module you can keep track of the purchase costs and revenues of your transport orders. This additional module is often used by logistics service providers who regularly outsource transport orders to external carriers / charters.

The most important functionalities of the Purchase module:

  • Assign a purchase rate to each sales rate
  • Set purchase rates per carrier
  • Instant insight into the yield of your orders
  • Keep track of actual miles driven in comparison with calculated miles
  • Create and send purchase invoices;
    This way it is clear what amount your carriers/charters are allowed to declare or how much you have to pay your staff.
  • Easily verify the correctness of declarations received from your carriers
  • Create self-billing purchase invoices

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the Purchase module, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

Try the Purchase module yourself in the live demo!

With the Document Storage module you can add documents to your orders. For example, you can add signed transport documents, images, customs documents or an original order for your file management.

You can attach two documents to each destination in an order. When saving, you are able to specify whether a document should only be visible for internal use or may also be shared. For example, you can share a signed delivery note (as proof of delivery) by sending it to your customer by e-mail together with the delivery confirmation or invoice.
Do you use the Customer Portal? Then your customers are able to access the shared documentation directly!
Of course, internal documents will never be enclosed with e-mails and will never be visible in your Customer Portal.

The most important functionalities of the Document Storage module:

  • Complete digital storage, this means less paperwork and fast findability
  • Safely store documents per destination
  • Up to 2MB per document with the module Document Storage Standard or up to 20MB per document with the module Document Storage Large
  • For customers who use your Customer Portal; (shared) Documents are available immediately
    e.g. useful for proof of delivery / POD
  • Stored documents can be shared with customers and/or carriers.
    For example with a delivery confirmation, invoice or transport order.

Tip: There is scanning software available that you can use to directly save transport documents with the correct order. Delivery notes and CMR’ you create with EasyTrans contain a QR code with which a scanner can automatically recognize the order number.

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the Document Storage module, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

Try the Document Storage module yourself in the live demo!

To simplify and speed up the entry of destinations, EasyTrans Software offers the module connection with Loqate. Loqate is a partner who offers an address verification & lookup service. By using a connection between Loqate and EasyTrans you are able to enter your addresses faster and easier. You can start typing in an address or business name and Loqate will autocomplete the address details in EasyTrans.

Account Loqate

Before you can use the module you need an account at Loqate. Registration with Loqate is free of charge. Loqate works with prepaid pay-as-you-go plans, each address completion costs a small amount which is subtracted from your prepaid credit. After registration you will receive some test credits immediately that allows you to start using the service right away.
You can sign up for an account via:
Please use this link to register so that we are able to connect EasyTrans to your Loqate account.

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the module connection with Loqate, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

Try the module connection with Loqate yourself in the live demo!

With the module connection with Accounting Package you can easily and quickly export invoice and customer data to your (or your accountant’s) accounting package. This saves time and prevents errors.

EasyTrans Software offers links with most well-known accounting packages such as:

Is your accounting package not listed? In most cases, depending on the possibilities of the accounting package, EasyTrans Software is able to create and add a connection, free of charge. Please feel free to contact us!

With the Online Payment module, your customers can pay transport service invoices online simply and quickly. As soon as an invoice has been paid, you receive an e-mail confirmation from Mollie and the invoice is automatically marked as paid in the EasyTrans invoice overview. In addition, proforma invoices can also be paid online by your customers. Very handy if you require a pre-payment, for example.

The most important functionalities of the module Online Payments:

  • Online payments via flexible payment provider Mollie
  • Quick processing of invoicing through online payment of transport services
  • Confirmation of payments by email from Mollie
  • Invoices are automatically marked as paid in EasyTrans
  • Online pre-payment of transport services (proforma invoices)

Do you regularly do business abroad? For example, for companies in the euro zone? Then the module Multiple Currency is probably very practical for you!
The module Multiple Currency allows you to create products (services) for which the price is automatically calculated and invoiced in the foreign currency of your choice. That saves a lot of time!

The foreign currency only applies to sales prices, if you use the Purchase module then the purchase rates are always in the system currency.

The most important functionalities of the module Multiple Currency:

  • Calculate transport services in foreign currency
  • Send quotations and order confirmations in your customer’s currency
  • Send delivery confirmations with the correct foreign currency
  • Automatically create invoices in the correct currency
  • Turnover figures per currency available

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the module Multiple Currency, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

Try the module Multiple Currency yourself in the live demo!

The module Multiple Company Names allows you to work with multiple company names from within your EasyTrans Package.
If you use more than one company name for your transport services, you can use this module to handle transport orders on behalf of a defined company name. For each customer you can set which company name is responsible for the logistic services. This will adapt the order processing and invoicing to the company name you specified. This means correspondence will be made on behalf of the selected company name for quotations, orders and invoices.

With the module Multiple Company Names you will have a customer database per company name and an invoice layout per company name will be made available in your EasyTrans package. However, it is important to know that the invoice numbering remains the same for all layouts. For separate invoicing (including invoice numbering) and planning we offer the module Extra Branches.

The most important functionalities of the module Multiple Company Names:

  • For each customer you can set which company name provides the logistic services
  • Process transport orders automatically with the correct company name
  • A separate layout for each company name for all correspondence
    (quotations, order confirmations, delivery confirmations, transport documents, etc.)
  • Each company name will have its own invoice layout

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the module Multiple Company Names, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

The module Extra Branches has been developed especially for transport companies with multiple branches. However, the functionalities also offer a solution for organizations that offer different transport services and would like to have a separate planning for these transport services.

The most important functionalities of the module Extra Branches:

  • Transport Management System (TMS) for each branch;
    The head office is able to give each additional office access to its own Transport Management System (TMS). The functioning of this TMS is largely the same as that of the head office. However, the head office retains control over fundamental functionalities to which a branch office does not have access.
  • Customer databases can be managed securely and clearly per branch within EasyTrans;
    The data of the customers of the extra branch(es) can be managed securely and clearly within EasyTrans, just like the customers of the head office.
  • Each branch has its own layout for correspondence for order and invoice processing;
    Per branch there is a layout available for all correspondence needed for order and invoice processing. This means that correspondence for quotations, orders and invoices can be sent on behalf of a specific branch. This also means that, for example, transports can be carried out by an additional branch, but the layout of the correspondence is set up as that of the main office. For each customer you can define which layout should be used.
  • Separate planning for branches ánd a centralised planning;
    In addition to an own planning environment for all extra branches, the head office gets a central planning. You can assign orders to a branch from this central planning. Such an order will appear in the order overview of the branch in question immediately. Of course, you can also automatically link customers and carriers to a branch office.
  • Separate invoicing, each branch has its own invoice numbering;
    A branch is able to run and manage its own invoicing. Each branch has its own invoice numbering. Would you prefer the invoicing to be done centrally from the main office? That is also possible! EasyTrans Software can adjust the settings of your module Extra Branches for this. Just let us know!
  • Insight in the turnover per branch;
    An extra branch has access to its own order and invoice data. A head office has access to the data of all (extra) branches. Therefore it is easy to see the turnover per branch!

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the module Extra Branches, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

The Route Planning & Optimisation module allows you to merge multiple orders, from different customers into one transport order, a composite route. You can then schedule a composite route to a driver or external carrier. Do you use the Purchase module? Then, of course, you can also view, share or invoice the purchase rates of a composite route!

A composite route remains connected to the original orders. Do you use the Carrier Portal including the Driver App? Then the driver only sees the composite route but the sign-off information is (also) sent back to the original orders. So your planners and customers will always be up to date on the status of the transport order. Moreover, this way the necessary information for a delivery confirmation and sales invoicing is always available with the original order!

In addition to combining and planning orders, you can also generate optimal routes of orders. The route optimisation takes the loading and unloading addresses into account, as well as the times at which you are expected to be there (ETA). Furthermore, you can also set a service time, the average time you need for a stop.

The most important features of the Route Planning & Optimisation module

  • Merging multiple orders into a single transport order
  • Creating separate pick-up and/or delivery routes when combining orders into one transport order
  • Creating optimal routes for (composite) orders
  • Up-to-date insight into route status and ETA and ATA per stop
  • Choice of vehicle profiles for car, van, truck or bike
  • Sign-off information available in original orders and composite routes with Drivers App*1
  • View, share or invoice purchase rates of composite routes*2
    1 Drivers App is part of the Premium Plus Package.
    2 These functions are part of the Purchase module.

Additional modules can be added to your subscription at any time. If you are interested in the module Route Planning & Optimisation, please contact us. The rates per module can be found at prices.

Try the module Route Planning & Optimisation yourself in the live demo!

Does your transport company offer shipments via external carriers? Then this module is perfect for you! EasyTrans Software offers links with various logistics service providers. With a connection you can easily and quickly register shipments with the carrier. The price will be linked back to you and a shipping label can be created immediately.

Do you use the Customer Portal? Then your customer is also able to register shipments and print shipping labels. Furthermore, this module offers integrated Track & Trace. This helps you and your customer to stay informed about the status of the shipment at all times.

EasyTrans offers connections with the following logistic service providers:

Is your logistics service provider not listed? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Do you work with a logistics service provider that uses EasyTrans?
Then you do not need an additional connection to send or receive transport orders.

You are able to exchange transport orders with other EasyTrans users from within EasyTrans. The data of orders is forwarded one-to-one as much as possible. This feature is available free of charge in all EasyTrans Packages, but keep in mind that with a Small Package you are only able to receive orders.

EasyTrans Software runs in the cloud, completely online. This makes it easy to connect EasyTrans with other branch specific software.
For example, with systems for on-board computers, freight exchange or fleet management.

EasyTrans Software offers connections with the following branch-specific software:

Is the connection you need not listed here? Please contact us for the possibilities.

EasyTrans Software offers various possibilities to connect external software with the Transport Management System (TMS) EasyTrans. As an example, EasyTrans Software works with a large number of partners to provide specific functionalities. Ready-made connections are available with accounting software, systems of logistics service providers and various other branch-specific software. However, there are so many software packages available that it is impossible to offer a turnkey solution for all of them. That is why we offer the module Connection with External Systems which gives access to the APIs and EDI of EasyTrans Software.

  • API’s EasyTrans Software
    To give you (or your client/carrier/other external party) the possibility to develop your own connection – between your TMS EasyTrans and another system – EasyTrans Software developed an API. The API of EasyTrans Software makes it possible to exchange information with systems of external parties in a structured and uniform manner. This allows you to connect your Transport Management System with third party systems, such as your customer’s system. The required documentation of the APIs – for the programming work – can be downloaded from our website: Documentation APIs.
    EasyTrans also supports APIs and links from third parties. The possibilities and requirements for such connections will always be discussed in advance so that we can offer you a perfectly fitting solution.
  • EDI EasyTrans Software
    EasyTrans Software has developed a standard EDI basis in order to be able to establish connections via EDI between the Transport Management System EasyTrans and an external system. From this (EDI) basic platform we will be able to help you develop a tailor-made connection. In consultation with you, we determine the requirements and possibilities of a connection between both systems. Of course, we will help you with finding the best solution. Based on this consultation, our developers will make an estimate of the time and costs involved. After which – in consultation with you, of course – the connection will be developed.

Examples of connections with external systems

By using the APIs and/or EDI of EasyTrans Software, a direct connection can be set-up between EasyTrans and other software. Examples of connections with external systems are:

  • Connection TMS with a webshop; For every item sold, a transport order is automatically sent to EasyTrans.
  • Registration form for new customers; New customers who register will automatically be created in EasyTrans.
  • Connection TMS carriers; Send/receive transport orders to/from carriers who use a different Transport Management System.
  • Connection TMS with software system customer; Do you have customers who book a lot of transport orders? You can offer your customers the possibility to make a direct connection between EasyTrans and your customer’s software package.
  • Connection with your own website
  • Connection with CRM package

Would you like to use the APIs and/or EDI of EasyTrans Software? Then please contact us.

EasyTrans Software offers the Transport Management System (TMS) EasyTrans in the form of a SaaS product (Software as a Service). This gives a number of important advantages:

  • The software runs on servers of EasyTrans Software. Therefore, no installation or expertise is required.
  • Maintenance and regular updates are carried out by EasyTrans Software.
  • Structurally performed backups of all entered data are stored on two locations.
  • Easy and reliable access to the software from any location where internet is available.
  • Integration into your own website is possible.

Despite these advantages, it can be desirable to run the software in-house (on your own server). Reasons for this can be:

  • Having control over the data. This implies that you are responsible for backups and security yourself.
  • Control the availability of the software yourself.
  • Direct access to the database, for example for integration with other systems.

The implementation of this module is done in consultation with your ICT-department and will be carried out by EasyTrans Software. The costs for this module include:

  • Help with initial installation
  • Support during use
  • Regular updates of EasyTrans

Other requirements?

Because of the personal contact and practical experience of our developers, it is possible to customize the transport software to the requirements of your company.
Customization can be applied quickly and according to your needs.
Feel free to ask about the possibilities, customization does not have to be expensive!

Wondering how EasyTrans works? Test it yourself!

Live demo

You can get a good first impression of the software by using the live demo. The demo contains fictitious data with which you can try EasyTrans yourself. Log in, try it out and quickly discover the functionalities and simplicity of EasyTrans.

Trial subscription

You can try our software one month for free with your own data through a trial subscription. If you wish to take out a subscription after that time, all data entered will be saved and you can continue working immediately.

Guided demonstration

Are you interested in an explanation of the system? Using our Helpdesk software we can give you a demonstration by telephone. This way you can quickly determine whether EasyTrans is suitable for your company. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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