Comparison table

In the below table, you can find an overview of the diverse functionalities per package. With this list you can quickly see which package fits your company best.


Small Standard Premium Premium +
Insert orders with multiple stops and destinations
Submit orders from planning to driver in real time
Insert repetitive orders
Show route on map
Automatic distance and price calculation (worldwide)
Order overview with colour codes (status)
Plan a driver for each order
Send a transport order by email
Email an order confirmation to the customer
Email a delivery report to the customer
Email a delivery report with digital signature to the customer
Add photos of, for example, freight documents or damages
Print and email consignment notes, order lists, CMRs, and shipping labels
Importing multiple orders at the same time
Scan and store consignment notes with the order *
Purchase price and margin calculation and choice for optimal transporter *


Small Standard Premium Premium +
Easily manage customer data
Insert multiple contacts per customer
Distance calculation method can be adjusted per customer
Sign for receipt with a digital signature

Web-ordering (Customer portal)

Small Standard Premium Premium +
Clear overview of order history and order status for the customer
Insert orders through website with automatic price calculation
Automatically print consignment notes / waybills
Manage an address book with frequently used destinations
Invoice overview and history for the customer
Easily import multiple orders at the same time through Excel
Create multiple user accounts per customer
Scanned consignment notes as proof of delivery

Driver App

Small Standard Premium Premium +
Communicating orders from planning to driver in real time
Navigating to the destination
Signing for receipt with a digital signature
Adding photos of freight documents or damages, for example
Signing off an order with name of receiver and possible waiting time and remarks
Sending a sign-off email with digital signature to your customer
Sending a signed digital consignment note with the invoice
Complete order history visible for the driver


Small Standard Premium Premium +
Manage carrier data (drivers, charters, etc.)
Integration of diverse package services *
Activating / deactivating transporters
Navigating to the destination
Reviewing of order history and (optionally) purchase costs by the carrier


Small Standard Premium Premium +
Automatically generate invoices
Print invoices on blank or pre-pressed paper
Digital invoicing through PDF
Send digital invoices by email
Send scanned consignment notes together with the digital invoice *
Send signed digital consignment notes with the invoice
Invoice overview with colour codes (status/payment reminder)
Send payment reminders by email with the digital invoice in the attachment
Manage payments
Connect invoicing to accounting package *
Online payment *
Create purchase invoices *

Address book

Small Standard Premium Premium +
Each customer has an own address book with frequently used destinations

Price management

Small Standard Premium Premium +
Price calculation with diverse price factors such as distance, stops, packages, weight, volume, hours, etc.
Simple structure built-up out of products and rates
Setup deviating prices per customer
Setup deviating prices per carrier *
Setup discount per customer
Easily create additional charges
Create deviating prices per vehicle
Quantity-related prices


Small Standard Premium Premium +
Statistics (total and periodic turnover overview)
Create multiple offices with individual log-in accounts and planning *
Manage rights for each user
Main page with overview of important information
Export order, customer, or address book and invoicing data to diverse formats such as Excel and CSV
Log-in history of users
Automatic backup of all data

* This function is optionally available by means of extra modules.