Premium Plus package

Premium Plus Package

Extensive automation of the transport chain

In addition to the complete TMS, the Premium Plus Package not only offers its own Customer Portal but also its own Carrier Portal. Extensive automation of the transport chain, from customer to driver and receiver!

A selection of the features of the Premium Plus Package:

Your own Customer Portal, with your own corporate identity and logo

Your own Carrier Portal, with your own corporate identity and logo

Entering and managing orders with multiple stops is easy

Real-time order transfer from planning to carrier

Automatically calculate distances and prices for your orders

Print or email waybills, order lists, CMR and shipping labels

Save images, digital signature and GPS position when signing off orders

Various mail options such as quotations, order confirmations (including Track & Trace number) or sign off confirmations (including digital signature)

Invoicing and sending payment reminders can be done in an instant (including signed digital waybill)

Simple entry and management of customers and carriers

Import multiple orders all at once

Exporting data from EasyTrans

Simple empties registration

Premium Plus Package EasyTrans
Transporter Portal - Drivers App

Carrier Portal / Drivers App

The Carrier Portal enables your planning department to send new transport orders to your driver on the road in real time. With the Drivers App, a driver can easily navigate to the destination. The recipient signs for acceptance on the screen, this digital signature – and optionally images – is sent directly to the planning department. After signing off the order, your customer will receive a proof of delivery by email. A Carrier Portal ensures high quality service to your customer, is time saving for your planning, provides convenience for your driver and is cost saving for your company.

Use on the go on Smartphone or Tablet

The Carrier Portal can quickly be installed on a Smartphone or Tablet. Via the order overview your driver has a clear insight into the orders that need to be carried out and the orders that have been completed. Orders can be signed off using the App, including digital signatures and optionally images. The driver can also send additional comments (waiting time, miles driven, and so forth) to the planning department. This reduces the need for telephone contact with the planning.

Drivers and external hauliers

With the Carrier Portal, a carrier gets a clear insight into his driven routes (the order history). Combined with the purchase module, the overview optionally also provides insight into the revenues for your carrier. Ideal when you work with charters or self-employed drivers.

Real-time order transmission from planning to carrier

Navigate to destinations

Signing for acceptance with a digital signature

Attach images, for example of freight documents or damages

Sign off orders using the Drivers App

Email sign off confirmations with digital signature to your customer

Include the signed digital waybill with the invoice

Order history and (optional) purchase rates transparent for the carrier

All parts of the transport chain, from customer to carrier, fully digital

Time and cost saving as communication with drivers is more efficient

Try the Transporter Portal yourself in the live demo

Customer Portal

With a Customer Portal you can give your customers access to their own online environment where they have full insight into the order- and invoice history. Your customers can also place orders online (web-ordering) and track the status of the orders. Placed web orders are visible in your planning overview immediately, so this is beneficial for both your customers and the planner. With this added service for your customer you will certainly stand out from the competition.

Advantages of your own customer portal

Your customers can place orders online (web-ordering) and track its status

Your customers are able to create freight documents, shipping labels and CMRs themselves

Overview of order history is available to your customer

Invoice history can be viewed by your customer

Curious about the Customer Portal? Log in as a customer in the live demo.

Extra Service

Wondering how EasyTrans works? Test it yourself!

Live demo

You can get a good first impression of the software by using the live demo. The demo contains fictitious data with which you can try EasyTrans yourself. Log in, try it out and quickly discover the functionalities and simplicity of EasyTrans.

Trial subscription

You can try our software one month for free with your own data through a trial subscription. If you wish to take out a subscription after that time, all data entered will be saved and you can continue working immediately.

Guided demonstration

Are you interested in an explanation of the system? Using our Helpdesk software we can give you a demonstration by telephone. This way you can quickly determine whether EasyTrans is suitable for your company. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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