Partners and connections

EasyTrans cooperates with a number of partners in order to provide extra functionalities. Connections with diverse other software packages such as accounting software and board computer systems are available. We also offer fully integrated connections with a number of international carriers.

If you would like to make a connection yourself, EasyTrans offers an extensive API for the creation of customers and orders, including Track & Trace.

Accounting software connections

Carrier connections

EasyTrans offers connections with the following transporters. With this connection, you can assign orders to the transporter, print shipping labels, and request Track & Trace information.

Industry-specific connections

EasyTrans works completely online in the Cloud. This makes it easy to connect EasyTrans to other software. Think of on board computer, freight exchange, or WMS systems, for example.

At the moment, EasyTrans already offers a connection with the following platforms. Is your desired connection not included? Please contact us for the possibilities.​

Platform for freight exchange Board computer systems Shipping en delivery management
Contact us for your connection

Custom integration possibilities

EasyTrans Software offers diverse possibilities for connecting external software with EasyTrans. For example, your customers can connect their web shop, by which a transport order is directly planned when a product is purchased. Another example is a registration form for new customers in which the customer is directly created in EasyTrans.

This integration can be realised by making use of our APIs. These are programming interfaces through which it is possible to communicate with EasyTrans through a web service. You can download the documentation of the APIs below. For the use of the APIs, the extra module ‘Connection with External Systems’ is necessary.

EasyTrans Software – JSON order import v1.8

EasyTrans Software – JSON customer import v1.2

You can also choose to manually import orders through an Excel file. You can find the import definitions for the different imports below. The import function is available in each EasyTrans subscription.

Order import.xlsx

Order import DPD and Packs.xlsx

Adress book import.xlsx